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GSM Network

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Huge outbound call origination services provide clients with seamless high-quality voice calls by making use of ICASA-licensed tier-one cellular networks, allowing all PABX-originated calls to be placed without having to use incumbent fixed-line operators or sub-optimal, second and third tier VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) service providers.

 Line Hunting in Hunt Groups

Our Line Hunting services offer our clients the following features

            Get a single number that your customers can call, allowing inbound calls to be made to this single trigger number.

            Have multiple telephone lines in a single hunt group. This allows for multiple simultaneous calls (inbound, outbound or                mixed).

            No more “Private Number” calls. Present your single inbound number on all your outbound calls made from your hunt group.             This new feature overcomes the limitation of each line in a fixed cellular routing solution presenting its own individual Caller              Line Identification, or none at all.

            Include a geographic telephone number (011/021 etc.) in your hunt group, boosting your image and presence to your clients.

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GSM line can now receive porting from any Service provider i.e. Telkom to form a logical hunting group or standalone line to provide an effective low cost voice solution for Business and Private users